Simon Hahn, M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Simon Hahn holds two MS degrees in Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering from Clausthal University of Technology with specialisation of numerical fluid mechanics regarding multiphase flow phenomena and fluid structure interaction. After his graduation in 2016 he started his Phd at the International Geothermal Centre in Bochum investigating the erosion mechanism of high-pressure water jets, experimentally as well as numerically by code development. His work is assigned to workpackage 5 within the SURE project. After finishing the SURE project and he is now in his final phase of his Phd and working in the GEODRILL project.

    • SURE
    • Thomas Reinsch, Bob Paap, Simon Hahn, Volker Wittig, Sidney van den Berg (2018): Insights into the radial water jet drilling technology – Application in a quarry