Research and Technologies

Our laboratories, test fields and observatories at the Bochum and Weisweiler sites form the experimental backbone of our research activities on the transformation of energy systems. Since research into processes related to the provision and use of geogenic resources consists of the fact that a significant part of these processes takes place at depths that only allow indirect measurement methods, we operate an infrastructure that enables observation of these processes across different spatial and temporal scales. Processes and parameters on the micro-scale (micrometre-decimetre) are observed in our Geoscience Laboratory. The mesoscale (decimetre-metre) is the focus of our large-scale laboratory. The macro scale (metre-100s of metres) is looked at with the help of our drilling operation. In order to investigate the energy-technical integration of various regenerative potentials, we operate various test stands in our energy technology laboratory. To integrate all technology lines, we are currently developing two real laboratories that will enable the transfer of technologies from science to application.

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