About Us

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Systems IEG carries out research in the fields of integrated energy infrastructures, geothermal energy and sector coupling for a successful energy transition at seven locations. We develop ideas, technologies and strategies for the next phase of the transformation of the energy systems and see ourselves as independent pioneers in politics, economics, regulation and society. By founding Fraunhofer IEG, the Fraunhofer Society is making a significant contribution to exploiting the markets in a more targeted way for the use of geothermal energy systems, the storage of energy sources and technologies to couple the energy sectors of heat, electricity and communication.

Our expertise in the field of energy research is based on the synergy of our employees’ technical, natural science and economic knowledge.

In our work, we not only use a wide range of advanced scientific methods and models based on our extensive experimental laboratory and testing infrastructure, we also develop these continuously using knowledge obtained from the research projects we have carried out.

The main topics are hydrogen, energy infrastructures and sector coupling, heat mining and storage, borehole technologies, georesources and the development of the technological components needed for this, energy technology and CO2 capture.



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