Business models of system transformation and technology transfer

Our Competence Center deals with conceptual and economic issues of strategies and business models for the energy transition in Germany.  The focus is on municipal and private-sector actors who are confronted with the opportunities and risks of the coal phase-out and its associated structural changes on the one hand and with the energy transition on the other.

Our main area of research is the techno-economic and regulatory assessment of business, operator and citizen energy models for a sustainable energy system transformation. A key feature here is the holistic and interdisciplinary approach in which we investigate and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of suitable solution approaches and technologies for the heat transition and sector coupling from the different perspectives of various stakeholders.

Another aspect is the integrated consideration of energy infrastructure, urban and regional planning topics, with the aim of harmonizing the expansion of renewable energies and infrastructure development even better with the green transformation of the economy and society.


Our core competencies are:

  • We know and understand the developments of energy markets, energy regulation and energy technologies.
  • We act as an interface between engineering and economics and contribute expertise in energy law and regulation.
  • We have knowledge of economic feasibility analyses as well as strategy and business model development.
  • We work analytically and think strategically, always keeping an eye on customer needs.

Our project reference

The roll-out of large-scale heat pumps in Germany

Strategies for the market ramp-up in district heating and industry

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