Deep Drilling and Completion

In the Competence Centre for "Deep Drilling and Completion", we plan and implement operational deep drilling projects for the extraction of geothermal energy and the connection of CO2 and hydrogen underground storage facilities. In addition, we offer services in the field of well workover, integrity assessment of deep wells and underground storage facilities, borepath design and drilling target design, prepare operating plans for deep drilling projects and examine the reusability of e.g. depleted oil and gas wells for geothermal energy production. In addition, we supervise any R&D projects in the field of deep drilling technology.

Our References

Micro Turbine Drilling

MTD® is a new drilling method that enables low-cost, minimum 50 m long deviated boreholes that can be drilled from a cased hole up to 5 km deep into hard rock formations that are up to 200 °C hot.