Innovative Drilling

Advanced Drilling Technologies

Our competence centre for innovative drilling methods works and offers services in the field of all conventional drilling and drilling methods, based on both joined pipe and coiled tubing technology.  In addition, current methods such as DTH percussion drilling techniques and composite coils are new and further developed.  Future, innovative, thermally based drilling technologies and methods such as laser, plasma, electric pulses, spallation and also projectile/impact drilling are the subject of current research and market introduction with the industry. In addition, so-called stimulation processes, i.e. the connection of production wells to a surrounding reservoir, are being developed and used. These include innovative high-pressure jetting processes and control systems, such as rotating and pulsation nozzles and the microdrilling process specially developed at the IEG.  Furthermore, new methods for the efficient removal and discharge of scaling and cuttings in existing wells and rigs as well as other, additional services are developed and offered.  All activities can be monitored and controlled online in real time during the above drilling and stimulation processes as well as during final production by means of innovative sensor technology control, data transmission in the drill string and novel AI. 

Our References


Optimising technology for geothermal extraction


Demonstration project of new drilling, development and stimulation technologies.

Plasma Pulsed Geo Drilling

Drilling method in which rock is removed electrically and thermally via high-voltage pulses. 


Zonal Isolation, Drilling and Exploitation for EGS Projects