Thermodynamic Converters

Our competence centre for thermodynamic converters plans and designs the integration of heat pump systems and thermal energy storage systems into both existing and future district heating systems. In this context, we also consider the coupled provision of heating and cooling with the help of electrical energy. There is a close exchange with the Competence Centre Heating Networks 4.0, which focuses on the entire heating system. For the substitution of fossil heat supply, we are investigating the possible use of high-temperature heat pumps for heating grids where a reduction of the supply temperature is not readily possible in the foreseeable future due to the consumer structure. For the future development of heat grids, we are investigating the potential use of regenerative heat sources such as lakes and rivers in combination with suitable heat pump technologies. The focus here is on the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants as a major field of research and development.

Another focus is the use of solar and geothermal resources to provide heat and produce electricity, for example through ORC processes, where sufficient temperatures can be provided. The technology components required for this from the fields of power plant and energy system technology, such as compressors, sorption and expansion machines, provide essential R&D elements for future application fields of heat pumps and refrigeration machines. The analysis and implementation of thermodynamic cycle processes for the substitution of fossil heat supply ensures efficient implementation in existing and new heating and cooling systems.

Our References


Investigation of the by-products heat and oxygen of PEM electrolysis systems based on theoretical and experimental studies.


Within this concept, technologies that have a high TRL (> 7) will be combined to an innovative approach to increase the operation period of absorption heat pumps, reduces greenhouse gases by using renewable heat sources.


Push2Heat is an EU-Funded project that aims at addressing the technical, economic, and regulatory barriers that prevent heat pump heat upgrading technologies to be widely deployed.

Cooling Down

The Cooling Down project aims to propose a vision for a renewable cooling sector in Europe in the coming decades, and issue policy recommendations and proposals to achieve it.