In the second phase of the energy transition, the close-knit interconnection of energy sectors becomes increasingly important. The exchange of energy between the individual sectors - such as electricity, mobility and heat - offers many opportunities for a transformation towards a sustainable carbon dioxide-neutral energy system. Renewable electricity could supply those sectors that today primarily use fossil fuels. Successful transformations of districts’ energy supplies exist, yet they are few. What currently is achieved using a pinpoint approach should now be applied across the board as intelligent, holistic neighbourhood concepts. 

However, linking the sectors creates a complex system with strong interactions and feedback that require deep understanding and sophisticated models. The project ODH@Jülich (Open District Hub @ Jülich) facilitates the development of planning and simulation tools that are open to all users and integrate all sectors. It lays the foundation for cross-sector energy supply in urban districts via partially automated planning and consideration of operation management. The tools of ODH@Jülich facilitate intelligent investment decision-making for multi-energy systems that last for decades.


For sector coupling in buildings and neighbourhoods to succeed, comprehensive models and modern tools to support planning and operation are required. The project ODH@Jülich produces scientifically sound, data-based methods for the development of a digital planning and simulation tool for energy supply in neighbourhoods. Firstly, ODH@Jülich bundles examples, concepts, methods and data. Secondly, it develops the tools for the specialist planners and architects to quickly and easily feed the collected knowledge into tailored solutions for upcoming projects. Currently, no planning tool can incorporate both technological diversity and economic efficiency in the required depth. The results of the project will be published as open software as much as possible, to enable widespread adoption by interested parties. Hereby, the project aims to accelerate the energy transition.