Energy Management and Control

The Competence Centre Energy Management and Control develops innovative solutions for the efficient and flexible operation of integrated energy infrastructures. Our research focuses on individual plants and components as well as complex interconnected systems. At the plant and component level, we develop marketable energy and load management solutions for the economically and technically optimal operation of sector-coupled plants and storage facilities. Our range of services also includes forward-looking control strategies for optimising the use of heat pumps, geothermal plants and electrolysers in the electricity market and for providing cross-sector system services. For this purpose, we prefer to use methods from the areas of distributed, coordinative and predictive control and optimisation methods, learning methods and multi-agent strategies. At the system level, we provide networked, cross-plant energy management and control systems for integrated energy systems and complex industrial processes. We develop concepts for the optimal, coordinative control of decentralised feeders and demanders in coupled electricity, heat and gas grids and consider the co-optimisation of energy infrastructure planning and operation.