Our competence center for Post-Mining-Exploitation deals with the analysis of existing mining infrastructures and their potentials for the utilization of heating and cooling purposes. Out of this reason, heating and cooling potentials are determined and underground storage concepts for the use and integration of mine water as well as potentials for the coupling of heating and cooling networks are evaluated. In addition to digitizing mine maps, we create three-dimensional mine models, implement well path and casing designs and conceptualize the connection of mine layouts to above-ground technologies, such as solar thermal and heat pump systems.

Our services summarized for you: Data sheet Post-Mining-Exploitation

Mine water as a heat supplier - Can eternity benefits be generated from eternity burdens? (GERMAN ONLY)

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  • Online seminars "Geothermie-Insights" by the German Geothermal Association and GtV Service GmbH
  • Speaker: Florian Hahn, research associate at the IEG

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Developing an underground high-temperature heat storage facility in combination with an hT heat pump.


Heat storage in coal mines in the Ruhr area.