Transfer and Strategy Development

At the Fraunhofer IEG, we pursue the goal of developing new technologies, processes, strategies and technical knowledge together with industry, science and society, and to bring them into application for a successful energy transition. Our concern is the transfer of research and development results as well as new technologies for strategic and systemic basic security and infrastructural linking and distribution of future energy supply (heating, cooling, electricity). In doing so, we work with you to design and implement individual solutions and customised, bilateral projects through to cross-sector consortia for the joint economic exploitation of our ideas and innovations. The transfer of new technologies, knowledge and research competencies of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft takes place nationally and internationally. In order to find the right contact person at the Fraunhofer IEG for your questions regarding technologies, projects and cooperations, our transfer managers with many years of experience are at your disposal.

Our References

H2!Raum – Mittelstand Ruhr 2030

H2R aims to design and test new formats for the transfer of knowledge, ideas and technology in the field of application potentials of hydrogen systems in medium-sized companies.

DGE Rollout

Deep geothermal energy in northwestern Europe

GECO H2020

GECO will help provide clean and cost-effective geothermal energy without carbon and sulphur emissions around the world.


Push2Heat is an EU-Funded project that aims at addressing the technical, economic, and regulatory barriers that prevent heat pump heat upgrading technologies to be widely deployed.

Cooling Down

The Cooling Down project aims to propose a vision for a renewable cooling sector in Europe in the coming decades, and issue policy recommendations and proposals to achieve it. 

Leonhard Thien

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