Integrated Building Energy Systems

Our Competence Center for "Integrated Building Energy Systems" sees buildings and districts as the crucial interface for linking the electricity, heat and electromobility sectors.

As flexible consumers, buildings can convert and use the fluctuating renewable energies when they are available. They thus increase the share of renewable energies, increase the security of supply in a way that is beneficial to the system and support the reliability of the entire system. For building operation, this gives the opportunity to optimize the energy supply, to leverage savings potential and at the same time to contribute to grid stabilization.

Understanding the needs of different building classes and districts is first incorporated into the forecasts of heat and cold loads, using machine learning techniques that integrate a large number of internal sensor data and external weather data. These forecasts then serve as the basis for optimized system operation plans that control the supply of buildings and districts with electricity and heat. Consistently taken into account in the early planning of buildings and districts, forecast-based operation generates ecological and economic added value.