Monitoring and Artificial intelligence

Our Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence Competence Centre researches and develops innovative AI and monitoring methods across numerous fields of energy infrastructures and geothermal energy systems. We develop and use AI-based applications with a focus on the development of analytical methods for the analysis of large data sets, feature extraction, automatic pattern recognition, anomaly detection and predictive analytics. We offer service in the field of multisensor process analysis system (MoUSE) as a complete measurement system for active and passive acquisition, transmission and analysis of multisensor systems as well as acoustic emission testing for component testing, instrument wear, leak detection, rock break-up and drilling process. We also offer customised development and implementation of systems for condition monitoring, maintenance, pattern recognition and intelligent signal processing. All services are accompanied by continuous process quality assurance and quality control.

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The goal is to advise and support drilling operators in making informed decisions through real-time data, reducing many of uncertainties associated with drilling.