Exploration and Reservoirsimulation

The Exploration and Reservoir Simulation Competence Centre offers services in the field of development and application of geoscientific and numerical, multi-scale methods for exploration, monitoring and sustainable use of the underground space. In addition, exploration measures of the medium-deep and deep underground are planned, carried out and evaluated for geoscientific, energy-technical projects (e.g. for heat production, material and/or thermal storage). At the same time, new exploration concepts and reservoir simulation and management procedures are developed and implemented. Methodological orientations include geoscientific modelling and simulation, seismic exploration, data integration across multiple scales and data types, uncertainty analyses and reservoir geophysics. The competence centre also plans and realises technical pilot plants for the estimation of hydraulic, thermal and seismic impacts in deep boreholes and production facilities and develops drilling proposals and accompanies geoscientific drilling. Licensing procedures for exploration activities are also part of the core competences.

Our References

Kabel Zero

Development of steam generation for paper drying based on deep geothermal heat from Devonian carbonates underground in the city of Hagen.