Global Georesources

The competence center "Global Georesources" considers the subsurface as a resource for the energy transition: In addition to the further development of geothermal energy, focal points are seasonal heat and cold storage in saline aquifers or in disused mining infrastructures and the material storage and energetic use of CO2 or hydrogen underground. Another aspect is the possible extraction of raw materials from geothermal fluids. The focus is on international research and development cooperation, especially in the implementation of operational projects together with partners from research and industry. Cooperation is also promoted regionally in cross-border projects in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia - Benelux or Brandenburg/Saxony - as well as Poland and the Czech Republic, involving the expertise of other Fraunhofer IEG competence centers. In addition, integration into European networks plays an important role in the planning and implementation of projects.