Below we would like to provide you with a selection of our current research projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on these topics.



Development of a model-based user tool for the risk analysis of intrinsic seismic hazard in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region.


Infrastructure requirements in the context of energy system transformation.


Evidence-based assessment for the design of the energy transition.


Demonstration project of new drilling, development and stimulation technologies.

DEEP: Innovation for de-risking enhanced geothermal energy

Understand and mitigate the risk of induced seismicity in deep geothermal projects.

DGE Rollout

Deep geothermal energy in northwestern Europe

DVGW Roadmap Gas 2050

Development of a integrated, number-based concept for the provision of climate-neutral gases.

GECO H2020

GECO will help provide clean and cost-effective geothermal energy without carbon and sulphur emissions around the world.

Geothermal paper drying

Development of steam generation for paper drying based on deep geothermal heat from Devonian carbonates underground in the city of Hagen.

G-PST: Global Power System Transformation

Consortium to promote the transition to clean energy.

H2 D

Building a hydrogen economy in four focus areas.

H2 Master Plan for East Germany

Investigation of structural development in the East German federal states through hydrogen use.


Global hydrogen potential atlas for the sustainable hydrogen economy of tomorrow.

InnoTherm Ruhr

Innovative exploration and exploitation technologies for geothermal energy.


Investigation of the by-products heat and oxygen of PEM electrolysis systems based on theoretical and experimental studies.

Intelligent infrastructure for the transformation of the energy system

Basis for cost-effective long-term decarbonisation strategies in the industry.

LamA - Laden am Platz

(Charging at Work)

Development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Production and use of methane from renewable sources.


Way to a significant reduction of energy use in the cooling supply.


Process to increase permeability even in very hard extraction horizons.


Data-based methods for the development of a digital planning and simulation tool for energy supply in neighborhoods.


Solving problems in drilling for geothermal resources

Plasma Pulsed Geo Drilling

Drilling method in which rock is removed electrically and thermally via high-voltage pulses. 


Transformation process for the municipal energy transition.


Zonal Isolation, Drilling and Exploitation for EGS Projects