Near-Surface Geothermal Energy

Our Near-Surface Geothermal Competence Centre offers services in the field of innovative, near-surface geothermal supply systems. In addition to classic development and utilisation concepts, this also includes probes up to 1000 m deep. Our portfolio for concept development and validation includes both grid-based and object-based projects. We plan and design the integration of heat pump systems for heating and cooling purposes, their monitoring and optimisation, the integration of other renewable energies / sector coupling (PV, PV-T, solar, waste heat) as well as the associated load management and the measurement technology and monitoring strategies required for this. We accompany projects with numerical analytics and multi-criteria analyses and support our partners with innovation consulting, training and product development. In addition, we strive for active further development and optimisation of our own and external technologies and processes (e.g. heat transfer fluids, geothermal probes, grouting materials).

Our services summarized for you: Data sheet near-surface geothermal energy

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Determination of low-temperature sources in NRW

The focus is to determine, define, and describe the relevant low-temperature sources and corresponding low-temperature sinks.