In our business area Georesources with the competence centres "Geothermal Geology", "Exploration and Reservoir Simulation", "Raw Materials and Resource Management" and "Global Georesources", we conduct research in the field of subsurface exploration, preliminary exploration and characterisation of reservoirs and storage of materials and heat, evaluate and analyse exploration- and production-related geohazards and bundle digital data management. Key components of our projects are the development and innovation in exploration methods of surface and borehole geophysics, advanced reservoir simulation and management techniques, estimates of sustainable thermal performance in reservoirs and the optimisation of underground storage and withdrawal processes. Pilot facilities are also used to test mutual hydraulic, thermal and seismic influences of deep boreholes and to collect data on the genesis, safety and loss prevention of georesource use in mining and natural mountains. This also includes dealing with and controlling potential geohazards. In our laboratories, physical changes of rocks at high rock pressure against water, salt solutions and gases as well as the behaviour of fluids and gases in geological formations and reservoir rocks are tested even at depths of several thousand metres. In addition to tapping thermal waters from great depths, the extraction of raw materials such as rare metals from thermal waters and other geofluids is also an essential part of the research activities.



Exploration & Reservoirsimulation

Contact: Florian Wellmann


Geothermal Geology

Contact: Katharina Alms

Contact: Adrian Immenhauser


Global Georesources

Contact: David Bruhn