Ulf Herrmann

Scientific Manager Integrated District Planning

Professor Ulf Herrmann is Scientifc Manager of the Competence Center Integrated Neighborhood Planning at Fraunhofer IEG. In his his main position, he has been Professor and Head of the Solar Institute Jülich at Aachen University of Applied Sciences since 2014. After studying mechanical engineering, specializing in energy and heat technology, at RWTH Aachen University, he first worked as a research assistant at BTU Cottbus and the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, Stuttgart, where he completed his doctorate in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. Subsequently, during his 14 years in industry, he developed solar power plants for worldwide use. During this time, he began to work on the system-serving design of plants and, in particular, advanced the development of storage systems and hybrid solutions. In various management positions he has also been involved in the development of organizations. For example, he established and managed a corporate office in the USA for more than 2 years.

He is active in several regional committees on the energy transition, sustainable energy supply and structural change and advises the state government of NRW on these topics. At IEG, he will now further expand his research activities in the field of holistic sustainable energy supply systems with a focus on neighborhoods.

    • Holistic sustainable energy supply systems
    • Power-to-Heat
    • Large-scale heat storage
    • Solar thermal systems
  • Aachen University of Applied Sciences

    • Master program "Energy Systems"
    • Bachelor's degree program "Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Systems" of the Department of Energy Technology
    • ODH@Jülich, Open-Data-based planning tools for cross-sectoral energy supply in the neighborhood by means of open, integrated ICT ecosystems (BMBF)
    • TESS-KWK, Further development and qualification of multifunctional thermal storage for use in municipal power and heat grids (BMWi)
    • SolarFuels, Synthetic Fuels from Sunlight; Subproject: Reformer and process simulation (BMWi)
    • BIMScan, Recognition of room geometries and wall structures for efficient building analysis; subproject: Recognition of wall structures and materials (BMWi)
    • OER4EE, OERContent.nrw: Technologies for the energy transition (NRW, MKW)
    • MachBrain, Feasibility study for the energy supply of the Brainergy Park Jülich (MWIDE, NRW)
    • BioREVIER_INNO, development of the model region BioeconomyREVIER Rhineland, subproject AlgaeSolarBoxes (BMBF)
    • SmartBioFlex, Meandering tubular reactor for biological methanation as chemical storage to provide flexibility options in power grids (NRW, MWIDE)
    • VeSuW, experimental plant for bulk materials and heat (BMWi)
    • StoreToPower, electricity storage in high-temperature thermal storage power plants (NRW, MWIDE)
    • DyLCA, method for the evaluation, optimization and control of grid-serving supply technology in buildings and quarters under consideration of dynamic LCA (BMBF)
    • H2Loop, Quasi-closed heliostat field control of a multi-chamber reactor for solar hydrogen production (EFRE)
    • SHAREuregio, Development, implementation and establishment of an euregional electromobile car and bike sharing service for the cities of Venlo, Roermond, Mönchengladbach and the district of Viersen (Interreg)
    • SWS, electricity-to-heat technologies with salt storage for use in industry and PV-CSP hybrid power plants (EFRE)
    • TESS 2.0 Thermal Electricity Storage for the Electricity Market 2.0 (BMWi)
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