LamA - Laden am Arbeitsplatz (Charging at Work)

“LamA - Laden am Arbeitsplatz” (Charging at Work) is a joint project led by Fraunhofer IAO and funded by the federal government as part of the “Clean Air 2017-2020” immediate action programme. The goal is to build up charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at 37 locations across Germany. The project, funded by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, will run until September 2022.


As part of the project, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will be installed at 37 locations of the Fraunhofer company. This includes a total of 440 AC charging stations (up to 22 kW) and 40 DC charging stations (up to 150 kW).

The key topics of the project are:

  1. Maximizing the number of users and utilization   
    • Making access to charging infrastructure available to third parties in addition to company vehicles and employees
    • Provision of booking and reservation options to ensure a high throughput of charging processes
  2. Realization of an operating concept
    • Operating concepts for the charging infrastructure that take legal, user-implicit, and organizational issues into account are being developed.
  3. Research and knowledge transfer
    • Demonstration rooms for in-depth experiments are being implemented at three lighthouses (Stuttgart, Freiburg, Dresden).
    • Eight Fraunhofer institutes and facilities, including Fraunhofer IEG, are participating in the joint research activities.
    • An acceptance analysis with comprehensive user interviews will provide information about user behaviour and how user barriers can be reduced by developing the charging infrastructure.

Contribution of Fraunhofer IEG

As part of its research, Fraunhofer IEG is collaborating with Fraunhofer ISI to study the influence of charging management on distribution networks. The IEG will focus on variable electricity price components, user behaviour, and the resulting technical and economic ramifications for the various actors within and on the distribution network itself.